What is corrugated box?

What is corrugated box?

Corrugated cardboard is also called corrugating cardboard or corrugated paper. It is made of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. Corrugated cardboard is a recycleable material, and has good strength and light weight. It can be moulded, folded in many shapes. Moreover, it is low cost and good for printing. Corrugated paper is used for producing corrugated boxes, which can be found in every sector in our daily life such as package of food, eggs, electronic devices, shampoos, snacks, clothes, shoes, beverage, equipments, stationary, and many more.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

1. Durability and Strength

Corrugated box is light weight, strong, and durable, which is suitable for transport, and helps protect products when moving. Moreover, it is easy to pack and handle with automated equipments.

2. Environmental Friendly

Corrugated boxes are manufactured with environmental friendly materials, which are recyclable and reusable. This leads to low production cost and low price, which allows you to save transportation cost of your business. Corrugated cartons are made of wood fibre that can decompose in the nature. Most cartons can be recycled into new products after abandon.

3. Easy to print

As high technology allows corrugated boxes to be adjusted in any shape, and also easy for printing, corrugated boxes can meet the requirement of design and printing for all kind of cartons. Moreover, printing and decoration on boxes can also create value to products and improve brand identity.

Type of corrugated Boxes

There are 3 main kinds of carton boxes: RSC box, OSC box, and die-cut box. More information about type of corrugated boxes click here.