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Corrugated Boxes (Cardboard Boxes)

To ensure that our customers will receive the best quality of cartons, every corrugated boxes are neatly produced by using high technology machines controlled by the experts. This allows us to produce high quality cartons for customers just in time. We have earned the trust from many companies who have given us the opportunities to serve several kinds of cartons such as Regular slotted box, Half slotted box, Full overlap box, Corrugated tray, Die-cut box, Fruit box, Pizza box, Shoes box, and many others.

กล่องฝาชน RSC

RSC (Regular Slotted Container)

RSC is the most common box type. All flaps have the same length from the score to the edge. This Type of box is highly functional for most kinds of product.

OSC (Overlap Slotted Container)

OSC is the box that the outer flaps overlap the full width of the box, which all flaps have the same depth. This makes the box more durable. OSC suits for heavy products such as refrigerators and washing machines.


Die-Cut Box

Die-cut box is a custom corrugated box, which developed to support specific products. The box can be customized into special shapes, and beautiful endless designs and uses.


Sample Picture Details
Corrugated Box with Handle
Die-cut corrugated handle box is widely used in variety of applications, especially for presenting and selling products in retail stores, as it helps buyer to carry their products home easily. There are variety styles of die-cut corrugated handle box. For example: Briefcase corrugated box with plastic handle, Box with handle itself, and Bottles box with handle.
Shoes Box
Custom Shoes Box made from corrugated board. Customers can choose any dimension and style of box that suites their shoes.
  Pizza Box
Pizza box, folding corrugated die-cut box for storing takeaway or home delivery pizza. The advantage of pizza box is that it can also helps advertising your pizza restaurant by printing name and logo on its cover. Commonly used sizes are 8-13 inches. For more details click
Tuck Top 1-2-3 Bottom Box
An easy-to-open and easy-to-pack die-cut box, with interlocking system that complete closure and seal.
FTD (Full Telescope Design Style Box)
FTD consists of two pieces of box. This type of box is easy to open as the top and bottom fitting close to each other.
Document Storage Box
Document Storage Box is a die-cut box that helps you store your documents easier. No need to use tape and glue to pack. Suitable for keeping papers in organizations
Corrugated Fruit Tray
Corrugated fruit tray is widely used for fruit shipping and delivery. It is made from strong corrugated cardboard in order to protect fruits when shipping.
Tab Lock Tuck Top Box + Transparent Plastic Window
With ease of use, Tab Lock Tuck Top Boxes is commonly used in a wide range of products such as cosmetics, clothes, and electronic devices. Transparent Plastic Window allows you to see the product through the box without opening the cover. This makes the product looks luxury and premium.