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บาแล็นซ์ แพ็คกิ้ง | ผลิตและจำหน่ายกล่องกระดาษลูกฟูก

ประสบการณ์การทำงานกว่า 30 ปี

ภายใต้ระบบคุณภาพ ISO 9001 : 2008

Request for Quotation

In order to offer the best price, we need the following information:

1. Type of Box

Please identify box type, and prepare photos or layout of the box.

2. Box Dimension

Please identify box dimension:
Length x Width x Height + Unit of Measurement,
Inside or outside measurement?

3. What’s inside your box?

In order to offer the suitable paper grade,
we need to know your product information.
What is your product? How heavy is it?
Picture (if available)

4. Paper Specification

Please identify paper grade (color),
paper weight (gram),
and flute of both inner and outer paper.
If you do not know paper specification,
we will suggest paper spec based on your product information

5. Printing Design

Please identify whether your boxes are printed or not printed.
If so, please send your printing design to us.

6. Order Quantity

Please identify amount of box that you need.
(The higher quantity, the lower Price)
Minimum order quantity depends on box size.

7. Location

We need to know your location in order to calculate delivery cost.
We can provide delivery to location in Bangkok and vicinity.

Please send information to:

Email: boxbybl@gmail.com,
LINE ID: @blbox
Or fill in Quotation Request Form below

Quotation Request Form


Company Name




Where does quotation can be sent to?*

Have you ever purchased any corrugated box before?*
Yes, I have.Never

What product is the box containing?

How heavy is the product

Type of corrugated box*


x x

Paper spec. (outer)
Grade: | Gram:

Paper spec. (inner)
Grade: | Gram:


How many color?
No printing1 color2 colors3 colors4 colors

Sample Picture or Printing Design 1 (2MB File limit)

Sample Picture or Printing Design 2 (2MB File limit)

Delivery Location

Any Question?

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